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written by Erica | 7044 Views
After years of ideas, discussion, planning, and sketching on napkins over dinner, our logo journey has finally led us to this new face of HudsonValleyParents.com.  

Designed by Michael Chase-Salerno and drawn by Linda Brook Guenther, our image is intended to represent this incredible and unique HVP community.  

The three trees represent our members' families, such as two adults with one child, one adult with two children, one adult with one child and a friend or relative, etc.; as well as the friendship, business, and networking links and connections made through HVP.  We chose the evergreen style as a common tree to our region, as well as for its enduring qualities - that no matter what the season, the family is the family.  

The sun represents one of Erica's favorite parenting quotes by Peggy O'Mara, the dawn of a new day symbolizing new ideas, new parenting pathways, as well as personal growth: "It is our very innocence as parents, our freshness and inexperience, that redeems us. With each new family, nature has another chance. Another chance for happy accidents that can change the course of history. Another chance for amateurs to do something no one else has ever done before. Another chance for genius."  

Mike also conceived of the accompanying motto, Families rooted in Community and did the digital renderings of the logo.  
We are proud to partner with Kathy Preston and Gnorasaurus.com for HVP logo gear, including t-shirts, onesies, and tote bags.  

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