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Here are some of the kind words that our members have said about us.
Please join in and experience it for yourself!

HVP has allowed for me to meet a lot of wonderful families.  I love HVP for the communication and resources it has provided.  There are times when I would really be at a loss if it weren't for HVP.  Thanks Mike & Erica for starting a new family for us.

New Paltz

Thank goodness for HVP!  I am a new mom of a beautiful baby boy but with that comes many, many questions and some much needed support.  This website is safe (with "known member" status) and has a network of local parents .  I had been a member of a much larger forum and always felt so lost among the thousands of boards.  HVP keeps it simple and organized, making it easy to read all members posts and get straight-forward answers, support and guidance to your posts! 

Thank you so much Mike and Erica- this has been such a blessing!

New Paltz

A great resource for mothers and fathers in the Hudson Valley!  Whether its meeting other parents, attending playdates, going to adult activities, or just having questions answered by a diverse group, this site is a must-visit.

Pine Bush

Hudson Valley Parents has been a valuable resource for myself and my daughter. We have become a part of a wonderful community of loving families, looking out for one another.  HVP has connected us to many enjoyable activities, and has educated me as a parent.
A sincere thank you for the sites creators.  Truly a valuable asset to enrich our lives!


I'm particularly impressed by the diversity of opinion on the site; there are parents of all ages and backgrounds connecting in ways that can't be duplicated in any other context. I've made dear friends who I never would have met otherwise, and reconnected with old friends who are now parents, too.  It's a wonderful way to find stuff, share information, discuss parenting topics (and much more!) openly and unreservedly. I am constantly learning more about our little critters, what makes them tick, and what resources are available in our community to help them grow up happy. Thanks, Erica & Mike!

HVP captures the true essence of COMMUNITY! People coming together to laugh, cry, share information, help, give, recieve & celebrate. What I particularly love is the good natured (...and sometimes downright goofy) and non-judgmental dialogue I can find on the site anytime of the day or night! It's opened my world tremendously to different ways of parenting & living consciously that I may never have been exposed to. I have made an incredible circle friends and always feel supported--even from the "friends" on the site that I have never met. I know that I will always get a wide variety of perspectives and input on any questions I have whether it be about parenting, relationships, work, life....dustballs-whatever! This first year of parenting has been a trip and the insight I've gained from the seasoned parent veterans on HVP have helped make it a fun, informed and meaningful ride--that I've survived with my sanity intact!

I truly feel lucky---Thanks Everyone.

Where else on the internet can you get really cool recipes, used cloth diapers and a chicken coop all on one site! Really though, This web site is an amazing reasource for local moms. I am constantly telling folks to check it out. Being so far from my family has its up side Wink, I was forced to find my own local family. Thank you Mike and Erica for starting this site and keeping it going.
Thanks- Jodi

HVP has been such a help for me in sooooo many ways. There are so many people here that are just filled with knowledge of all the helpful things that you may need. It is so great to have a local group of parents to talk to and to have playdates with, and it's nice to know in some situations that your not the only one. I also want to say that all of the people who are part of this group are such wonderful and kind-hearted people, when someone's family is in need, these people are there to help them, and that is awesome!!!!  Grin


HVP has been such a wonderful resource for me to meet others in the community. I love to meet new families and have made a handful of new friends I may have not otherwise met. The parents on the forum gather for all sorts of reasons. I really have enjoyed such events as mother's night out, clothing swaps, Toddler Church, getting together at local coffee houses and/or just regular playdates. It is also a great resource to keep informed on what local and fun events are going on in the community and who better to know than other parents? In addition, I have also found HVP to be a wonderful source of information and support from parenting advice to shopping discounts/recommendations. I refer all parents new and old to this site and continue to do so on a regular basis!

Thanks you guys for all of your regular hard work, dedication, support, knowledge and advice!


Thank god for HVP. My daughter and I have made some really great friends through this site. Its also been a big help as a new parent and being somewhat clueless about my new role in life. And, well, your never alone. someone is always on-line.


HVP is my lifeline! Sometimes parenting can feel isolating, and here are all these wonderful people going through exactly the same things you are! I have found out about so many local resources that I never would have known about otherwise (including the preschool where we have decided to send our daughter!)
Its a tremendous resource and I am always encouraging strangers to check it out. I feel connected to the local community even if I can't always get out and BE in the community!

Kate in Highland

HVP has been a godsend. Our family has met wonderful families and participated in fun filled, inspiring, and community building events that we would never have known of without HVP.  Parenting can be isolating at times. And scary. As first time parents my husband and I have found it a life line to be able to go on HVP forum and ask questions like "Anyone seen a strange rash lately?", or share stories, "Here's what my little one did today" or connect about world events that effect us all "another toy recall". etc. There were times, at 2am for instance, when just being able to see that someone else was also up with a teething baby was comforting. When we have met people in person whose posts we have read on line at HVP there is an instant feeling of shared community. I recommend HVP to all the local parents I meet. I am truly grateful for the benefits to our family and to the larger community that this site provides. Thank you Mike and Erica! Thank you everyone who participates!


HVP has been a fun resource for exploring the hudson valley and the people's that make it up, online and IRL :  )


When I joined HVP.com while it was an small yahoo email list years ago, I had no idea it would turn into what it is: which is nothing short of genius! I have made lifelong friends, found immense support through difficult transitions, major changes, scary events, and the most joyous moments of my life. From advice about pie crusts and which baby carrier to use to midwife recommendations and ideas on how to get baby to sleep, HVP.com is a daily resource for our family. It put us in touch with a larger community while we felt so very alone at home with little babies by getting us out hiking and playing with children who are our kids ages; sparking interest in alternate forms of education; creating a breastfeeding safe-haven; and getting moms out alone !!! (check out MNO threads in Adult Activities!!)
If you are a parent, a friend of a parent, a family member of a parent, or a future parent - please join this site. You will rest easier every night, if not for the fabulous advice, then for knowing that you are part of a community which cares for you as another member of the community.
Absolutely invaluable.

Jessica and family, New Paltz

As a labor support and postpartum doula, I use and refer hudson valley parents for all of my clients. For families in the area, it is a valuable resource for information and support. The postpartum period can be a lonely and isolating time for new mothers and hudson valley parents provides a link to the community that she may not have been able to connect with on her own.  Thank you hudson valley parents for providing this wonderful public service!


I joined HVP during my pregnancy because, having lived in the area for only a few years, I didn't know many people and I definitely didn't know any new or expcecting mothers.  Now I have many new friends and, at three months of age, my daughter already has a "playgroup".  The forum is an excellent resource for any parent.  Without it, I probably wouldn't experience any adult conversation except the few minutes a day my husband and I talk before we pass out from exhaustion.


Whenever I meet new parents out and about, I ask them if they know about Hudson Valley Parents.com.  If they have never heard about it, I write down the web address for them and encourage them to check it out.  We are fortunate to live in an area that is rich with natural beauty and vibrant community life.  This website provides a place for us to pool our understanding and our resources in an attempt to create enriching lives for all of our Hudson Valley children!

Hudson Valley Parents changed my life. Seriously.  I was so displaced in my role as parent.  My childhood friends- gone.  My college friends- off getting a life which largely involved relocation to Los Angeles or NYC NOT having lots of babies in short order.

In my former isolation, I was struck by how complex and just how *hard* this parenting thing is.  I couldn't believe people (parents) weren't talking about this stuff.  I discovered a gold mine in HVP.
I feel so honored to have connected with such incredible women and their lovely families through this site.  I am so thankful for all these relationships for myself and my children.  I never thought my life would be like this, I feel so lucky to be part of this awesome community.
Thank you Erica and Mike!

-Nora S.

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