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"It is our very innocence as parents, our freshness and inexperience, that redeems us. With each new family, nature has another chance. Another chance for happy accidents that can change the course of history. Another chance for amateurs to do something no one else has ever done before. Another chance for genius."

-Peggy O'Mara, Publisher and Editor of "Mothering Magazine"

Welcome to the Hudson Valley Parents website. We're glad you're here! We are a group of families (with children of all ages, or soon-to-be through pregnancy and adoption) who live in, or are connected to, the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York State, including Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, and Westchester Counties. Our purpose is to enable members to coordinate local activities and discuss parenting issues.

"Hudson Valley Parents" was originally known as the "New Paltz Playgroup" which began in 2003 when a few of us were encouraged to exchange phone numbers and e-mails after a local La Leche League meeting. Until our initial playgroup gatherings, many of us did not know any other people in the area with a baby and felt very isolated as new parents. As our membership has grown (from 8 people to over 1000 and counting!), this community network has evolved from a personal e-mail list, to a Yahoo! group, and now we're our own official website and forum.

The site's owners are full-time Hudson Valley residents, Erica and Michael Chase-Salerno, proud parents of Declan and Quinlan.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Recent Articles

By: Erica
"What a great time, so nice to see friends and spend a beautiful day out in the park! Thanks to everyone who organized! Love the new logo too!"
By: Erica
It's finally here! Read on to learn all about the meaning behind our new HVP logo!
By: Erica
We are really looking forward to this Sunday's 9/20 Hudson Valley Parents.com Fall Fest '09! We have a fantastic charity to support, lots of terrific penny social prizes to win, our new logo to unveil, great music, yummy baked goods for sale, a variety of children's activities, and a chance to connect "off-line" with fellow Hudson Valley Parents and their families. This year's featured HVP Fall Fest charity is St. John Bosco Child & Family Services. Below is an interview I did with their founder Renee Fillette to learn more about the amazing work they do, and what inspires her. (Also seen on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=148596269392 ). See you Sunday! ~ Erica

RSS Kitchen or the Egg

Here’s the note Declan left for the tooth fairy tonight, after losing a tooth today, as well as the notes from the previous tooth: Dear Tooth Fairy, I would like to keep my tooth.  I lost this one eating a hot dog while I was ice fishing!  I caught the first fish while ice fishing! … Continue reading Tooth Fairy Visits Again
Declan lost his first tooth on December 18, 2009.  Since then, we’ve been navigating the Tooth Fairy path for our family.  I mention these notes periodically on Facebook, and my awesome friend Darcy asked about seeing them in our blog.  So now I’m posting them here.  (Thanks for the great idea, D! xo) The first … Continue reading Tooth Fairy Chronicles
It’s our daughter Quinn’s 4th birthday today.  I felt drawn to some certain meditation but I wasn’t clear on what it was, and my regular meditations didn’t seem to fit this morning. I sat for a while, eventually found myself traveling inward, through the umbilical cord of time.  I encountered some dark and some light, … Continue reading Innocence, History, Strength, and Tagore
I’ve got a new way to drive, now.  I ride in peace.  I no longer use my phone in the car while I’m driving. As a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom and the owner of a small business, I find it easiest to make phone calls from my car when I’m out with my children because of … Continue reading Ride In Peace
I had just written this as my New Year’s Day Facebook status: Harnessing this tremendous New Year’s energy surge of openness, possibility, and hope. Bonne Annee, tout le monde! Then I lifted my fingers off of the keyboard and got up to go for my run I’d been procrastinating “just to check Facebook, first” and … Continue reading What Happened When I Didn’t Yell, More Like Taking It Down A Notch
Declan took his guitar down from the wall and started strumming. Something about the way he was playing caught my ear, and I just sat and listened. I loved the way it sounded. The instrument was out of tune, he was playing random notes, but it didn’t matter. Something about it was just beautiful to … Continue reading Music Maker
Mike and I are spending more time together around our budget lately. I’ve felt renewed motivation to understand every single aspect of our money. We have a Google spreadsheet with basic budget targets, and we use the on-line financial tool, Wesabe, to track all of our income and expenditures. Mike set these up months ago, … Continue reading You’re So Money
I experienced so many powerful shifts and insights during Anne Ohman’s recent We Shine! unschooling conference that Mike and I attended with the kids in Niagara Falls, Canada. And some other things settled in without fanfare but continue to echo surprisingly deeply every single day. Here’s one. I heard so many times, not just at … Continue reading You’re Welcome
I love this fable, and a friend led me to this other, fuller brief movie-version. I invite you to check them out! Beautiful reminders about our children, each other, and ourselves. Click on the Animal School video for the brief movie version: http://www.raisingsmallsouls.com/ Here’s a written version. The School For The Animals An old story … Continue reading Animal School
I love this quote. Mothering is reciprocal. It is not just something we do for our children. It defines us, and it liberates us. When we can mother in a powerful, creative, and transformative way, we can more easily move between our role as mother and our other roles as women, embracing all of our … Continue reading Mother’s Day 2009


I'm particularly impressed by the diversity of opinion on the site; there are parents of all ages and backgrounds connecting in ways that can't be duplicated in any other context. I've made dear friends who I never would have met otherwise, and reconnected with old friends who are now parents, too. It's a wonderful way to find stuff, share information, discuss parenting topics (and much more!) openly and unreservedly. I am constantly learning more about our little critters, what makes them tick, and what resources are available in our community to help them grow up happy. Thanks, Erica & Mike! Click the "Read More" link to see what other members are saying about HudsonValleyParents.com.


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